Tomatomania! At Roger’s Gardens

Enthusiastically referred to as “the tomato freaks’ Woodstock” by the New York Times, TOMATOMANIA! is not only the world’s largest (and most fun) tomato seedling sale, but has become a tomato lovers’ mecca and the requisite resource for all things tomato. For the first time ever, Roger’s Gardens in Corona del Mar became host to this exciting, fun filled event!

Growing Early Tomatoes

Gardeners in the Northeast, across the northern states, and in some areas of the West Coast all share an interest in Tomatoes that ripen early (generally 57 to 65 days from transplant). For those of us with a short growing season or cool summer weather, early varieties guarantee we’ll have decent crop of ripe Tomatoes.

In our video, author and Tomato expert Scott Daigre explains that early varieties are generally determinate and produce smaller fruits, but they do include a range of colors and shapes. Some of his recommendations: ‘Matina’, ‘Red Rocket’, ‘Siberian’, ‘Sungold’, ‘Sweet 100’, ‘Taxi’, ‘Rosalito’, and ‘Gold Nugget’.

Tips on Growing Tomatoes

Drop in on TOMATOMANIA! at White Flower Farm and listen as Tomato expert and author Scott Daigre gives straightforward advice about growing his favorite subject. Learn how deep to plant Tomato seedlings, when to trench the stem, the amount of light Tomatoes need, ways to amend your soil, how much water to provide, and what fertilizer to use and when to apply it. Find out when to pick fruits for the best flavor, too.

TomatoMania! at Greenstreet Gardens

Interview of TomatoManiac! Scott Daigre by Greenstreet Gardens owner Ray Greenstreet.