The Starter Farm @ Forage Florals, Santa Ynez

April 1-2, 2023


We’re excited to announce a new event this year in Santa Ynez, courtesy of The Starter Farm, one of our summer test gardens!

Mark Donofrio and his farm team are busy most of the growing season nurturing cut flowers that decorate the most exciting events in the valley. In the summer, however, you can also find them picking tomatoes in their fields and recording their impressions of some very unique fruit.

Each season we challenge them to grow new varieties and particular ones we’re watching so we know how they fare in this region. After years of growing hundreds of varieties The Starter Farm is ready to take on a different role this spring and invite their friends and neighbors to join in Tomatomania!

This unique event features STARS OF THE SANTA YNEZ VALLEY, a showcase of 30+ varieties that have delighted this farmer through the years. They’ve done their homework and will recommend the standouts; tried and true tomato seedling varieties that perform well in the Santa Ynez area. (And a note, tomato lovers: while we love classic hybrids you won’t find those in the lineup here.)

Forage Florals will be the host of this event, since Mark’s field is full and bursting with flowers in early April. Find them in the Santa Ynez Mercantile Center.

Who knows, you may be able to leave with tomato seedlings AND a beautiful bouquet! Don’t miss this one.

Forage Florals

1095 Meadowvale Road
Santa Ynez, CA 93460
(Located in the Santa Ynez Mercantile Center)
Instagram: @forageflorals
The Starter Farm
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Instagram: @thestarterfarm
Santa Ynez, CA