Pondering Seed: It’s all in there

How can this possibly work? This small dry piece of organic material, when coddled by moisture and welcoming soil, becomes a large plant that can produce fruit that feeds us. What a concept.

Golden brown and unimpressive really, tomato seeds almost look hairy. Maybe they are but I need my glasses for that and I can’t find them. So maybe it’s hairy.

Collectors have braved any number of challenges to gather and protect heirloom seed in different parts of the world. This has, no doubt, been done for centuries, (and we know seed was and is smuggled, celebrated and traded across the world) and the result is the huge array of plant varieties available to us today.

Seeds are power, seeds are wealth. It’s as viable an heirloom as a favorite piece of jewelry or a fine dining room table. These days it’s a political football, a reminder of days gone by, a good exercise at the end of the season and a commodity worth protecting in cold secret vaults under the snow in Norway.

It’s also the key to spring and to a season that excites us. And we’re on our way, as the first set of these seemingly lifeless little particles was put in small trays today. GROW baby GROW!