No Elephants, but the Circus IS in Town

I always did want to run away with the circus. I think it was the horse acts that most tempted me. In a way I really have.

This week our events begin in Southern California. Early for most of the country of course, but for us it’s truly been a subtle winter at best. My one rescue seedling that’s forged through the cooler months has done quite well through the last bit, though ill-timed and certainly not impressive. Yet.

And no, I don’t recommend a November planting, this just seemed, well, right.

But I digress. It’s event season, that time when dinner parties and birthdays, last minute trips and leisurely afternoons in the garden are out of the question – or more likely postponed until “after Tomatomania”! I guess I should make AT a thing.

And in their place we run around the state with fantastic tomato seedlings, greeting enthusiastic gardeners all over CA who share our zeal for that new dwarf tomato plant that offers great color and production, or the strongest tomato cage, or the newest and best tomato book on the market. (I do hope they’ll be after that one!)

I run down our extensive list and wonder if folks will rally round Sweethearts, a wonderful cherry/grape find of last season or opt for First Mate, Marz Round Green, Siletz, Lavender Lady or Captain Lucky. Yes, tomatoes all, each with a different twist that will excite and entertain us through the summer.

It’s a wonderful time for us and we hope for you too. I’m so grateful to the many people who prop me/us up and make it all go as it should and to all those (you) gardeners who inspire us each season.

Sorry we can’t provide elephants but will a new selection called Giant Buffalo Heart do?

Seedlings at Cornerstone Sonoma