Wild Boar Collection

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Tomato plants for Christmas? Of course! It’s a perfect surprise for the Tomatomaniac in your life or a gift you can reserve for yourself!

We’ll send you a greeting card announcement that you can add to a stocking or gift for the holidays. Or you can choose to have us send the card directly to your recipient. We’ll send these unique choices at the perfect time for planting in your garden zone. Provide details as you complete your order. 

We’re so excited that we can now share a little bit of Tomatomania with those of you across the country who can’t attend our springtime pop up sales. And we know that many loyal Tomatomaniacs enjoy the opportunity to share a bit of this springtime frenzy with family or their favorite tomato lovers across the country. 

Weve expanded our offerings this season and feature three terrific trios. This one is our WILD BOAR COLLECTION: Lucid Gem, Golden Hour and Black&Brown Boar.

Lucid Gem

A favorite of many of our most ardent Tomatomaniacs, this glowing treat has delighted gardeners for years. The medium to large beefsteak first ripens yellow, then more orange when ripe and ready for you to enjoy. Purple anthocyanin splashes offer beautiful contrast with the lighter colored skin and it offers dependable production over a long season. The taste is sweet with fruity tones and the interior is very meaty. This standout also shows good heat tolerance in the summer garden.

 Golden Hour

Among the newest and most exciting of the Wild Boar selections for 2023, Brad Gates introduces a dwarf-sized paste or plum in warm gold, splashed lightly with anthocyanin stripes or blushing. Perfect for both cooking and eating fresh, Brad says, “I’ve never seen this kind of production on any tomato plant. Ever.” Golden sauce anyone? This stocky and sturdy plant should offer you a long season with minimal staking but we think you’ll want to provide a strong cage or poles to hold up all that fruit!

Black & Brown Boar

It’s so beautiful you won’t want to eat it; but definitely do! Dark green stripes hug this dusky red and delicious beauty. Smallish fruit can be round or slightly heart-shaped at 3-4oz. and can occasionally show some lobes. Great big plant with great big yields in a wide variety of growing locations. Note: It can sun scald in warmer areas so don’t pinch excessively if you live in a hot spot. This one is not to be missed.

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