Superstars of 2022 Collection


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Tomato plants for Christmas? Of course! It’s a perfect surprise for the Tomatomaniac in your life or a gift you can reserve for yourself!

We’ll send you a greeting card announcement that you can add to a stocking or gift for the holidays. Or you can choose to have us send the card directly to your recipient. We’ll send these unique choices at the perfect time for planting in your garden zone. Provide details as you complete your order. 

We’re so excited that we can now share a little bit of Tomatomania with those of you across the country who can’t attend our springtime pop up sales. And we know that many loyal Tomatomaniacs enjoy the opportunity to share a bit of this springtime frenzy with family or their favorite tomato lovers across the country. 

Weve expanded our offerings this season and feature three terrific trios. This one is our SUPERSTAR COLLECTION: Limmony, Bronze Torch and Cherokee Carbon.


A bright lemon-yellow beefsteak that looks like it’s lit from the inside, these favorites have fabulous rich flavor that some describe as yes, lemony; very clean and crisp. Pronounced acid flavor sets it apart from many other yellow varieties, which tend to be milder in taste. The large plant produces energetically; 8 to 10 oz fruit that are smooth and blemish-free, with solid, meaty interiors.

 Bronze Torch

Our 2022 Tomato of the Year, this remarkably delicious, small saladette is in the elongated grape-size class. There was no competition after this summer production. 1.5 oz. fruits (long grape or cherry) are a gorgeous brick red with bronze and green stripes. Ripening starts early on this tall, rambling and productive plant. The crack-resistant beauty performs like a champ and produces well all season long. 


Imagine the best of Cherokee Purple and Carbon combined in one large and amazing fruit! This unique and delicious cross produces beautiful dark 10-12 oz. beefsteaks. Fruit features a dusky blush and rich red-purple coloring. Nicely productive, meaty inside, and boasting that astoundingly great tomato taste (some call it smoky) we can always expect in the black tomato class.