Set of 3 Tomato Plants

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We live for our springtime pop up sales across California but we know that many of you can’t make it to those exciting events.  Or perhaps you show up at three sales each season but have been waiting patiently for the opportunity to share a bit of TOMATOMANIA with your favorite tomato lovers across the country. So…we’re shipping tomatoes this spring!
This first-time offering is extremely exciting for us.  We’ve chosen three varieties that epitomize what we try so hard to do each spring: Offer you unique, exciting, productive and delicious tomatoes to grow in your home garden. Thorburn’s Terra Cotta (Our Tomato of the year 2019), Antho blue and yellow Alice’s Dream and larger than average pink/purple cherry Kiss the Sky fit the bill and we’re sure they will delight you this spring and summer.
Upon your order you will receive a gift card to deliver for the holidays that will describe these varieties and confirm delivery at the perfect time for planting.