Root Slayer Hori Hori


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Wicked right? Weeds will think so, yet this tool does so much more for you in the garden. The Root Slayer saws and splits, it practically slices and dices, it digs and mixes. It’s one tool that does it all in the garden. We use ours for everything, from planting bulbs to attacking even the largest and most defiant weeds. A riff on the time honored Japanese Hori Hori, this multi-faceted hand tool will make every garden task a bit easier. Notice, it’s not really a knife form like the classic. The sharp crescent-shaped end grabs roots with both “hands” and yanks them out so they can’t steal nutrients from your plants any longer. Mission accomplished in one quick punch. It’s hard to make weeding fun, but this sure will make you more successful, with much less effort. Plus, the red handle makes finding it in the garden SO much easier!