North Carolina Heirloom Cucumber



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This flavorful variety produces small, straight, pale-yellow to white fruit with juicy, crunchy, and light-green flesh. The fruits are slightly ridged, measure 1.5-2″ long and 3-3.7″ wide, and weigh 2-4.5 ounces. Moderately vining plants have distinctly lobed leaves and dense foliage. This prized heirloom was donated to Seed Savers Exchange in the mid-1980s by member Marian Hart and can be traced back to a family that has stewarded it for more than a century in the mountains of North Carolina. 60-70 days.

  • Organic
  • From the Collection
  • New for 2020
  • Small, pale-yellow, juicy, crunchy fruit grows up to 2″ long
  • 60-70 days

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