Grandma Kirksey Pepper


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This stunning ornamental pepper makes a splash in both borders and containers. Bushy plants produce a dense canopy of dark-purple leaves and myriad small, conical peppers that ripen from purple to orange to dark red. The peppers measure about 3/4″ long and stand erect on the plant; they are edible but very pungent and somewhat bitter. ‘Grandma Kirksey’ is named for Willie Jane (Pulley) Kirksey, who received the variety during the Great Depression and grew the peppers in her flower beds. 100 days to ripe fruit from transplant. Hot. Organic.

  • Organic
  • Colorful fruits grow to 3/4-1 inch
  • Bushy plants have dark purple leaves and small conical peppers
  • Hot pepper
  • 100 days from transplant