Farmers Almanac 2023


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It’s simple. When I need solid gardening advice, I ask a farmer. There’s no substitution for years of experience and daily problem solving. That’s why the Farmer’s Almanac is not only a sweet idea but a must-have tool for every gardener. And yes, it’s a tool; as handy as a garden knife and as crucial as good gloves.
In these storied pages you’ll find monthly guides, seeding tips (based on moon phases of course) and feature stories of interest to people who like to get their hands dirty. Do you know when the Buck Moon rises or what weather patterns you can expect in your area this year? You’ll find that. There are recipes and canning and preserving tips. Heck, there’s already a hole punch in the upper corner so you can easily hang it in your garden shed.
 It’s full of facts. And folklore. It’s fun. And it’s a perfect gift for your favorite gardener.