2024 Trio of Seedlings

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We’re so excited that we can now share a little bit of Tomatomania with those of you across the country who can’t attend our springtime pop up sales. And we know that many loyal Tomatomaniacs enjoy the opportunity to share a bit of this springtime frenzy with family or their favorite tomato lovers across the country. 

Weve selected varieties that have been super successful in our garden as well as our test gardens in other areas: Orange Strawberry, Bronze Torch and Dwarf Velvet Night.

Orange Strawberry

A late-season wonder producing large, beautiful orange oxheart-type fruit of varying shapes and sizes (6-16 oz.) on a tall and wispy plant. The delectable flavor is notably rich for an orange tomato, with exceptional rich and sweet notes and just the right amount of acid. Meaty and great for cooking, with few seeds and smooth skin, it’s equally impressive on a burger, in salads or on a plate with just a touch of salt!

Bronze Torch

In June of 2022 we got our first taste of this new introduction and decided then and there it would be our Tomato of the Year. Nothing outperformed it that year and it continued to wow us through a LONG season. It’s a remarkably delicious small (and early) saladette in the Juliet-size class. 1 1/2 oz. crack resistant fruits are a gorgeous brick red with bronze and green stripes and produced on a large vining plant. Use a large cage!

Dwarf Velvet Night

We love this little marvel. It’s a hugely prolific black dwarf variety that offers you 2-4 oz. fruit borne on a tidy 2 foot plant. You’ll save space AND get plenty tomatoes! Yes, of course it’s perfect in containers. The flavor is rich, sweet and well balanced. Clusters of 5 or 6 abound all over this plant and begin producing quite early in the season!