Here’s hoping you are safely and happily tucked in with those you love. Difficult times surely are a predictor of victories to come. We will be celebrating with you on the back end of this challenge. Get your hands dirty in the garden. Plan. Dream. There will be another season.


Pinching tomato plants. A summer lesson in “winter”.

Pinching tomato plants.  A summer lesson in “winter”.

I pinched a tomato plant today. In February. No, I didn’t steal it. I used scissors, yes, small sharp scissors (I couldn’t find my clippers and they worked just fine) to thin out the branching and leaf growth of my tomato plant. Maybe I should back up. I bought (maybe rescued?) a tomato plant in […]

And so it begins…

I’m betting not many people, when asked as a young person, “What do you want to do with your life?” figure they will grow up to run the largest tomato seedling sale in the US. I know I didn’t. Funny where life takes you. Here I am, thrilled beyond measure to be able to say, […]

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