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Every spring, thousands of self-described “’maniacs” gather for a series of multi-day garden events for the largest tomato seedling sale in the nation: Tomatomania! CEOs and soccer moms, grandmothers and hipsters, hardcore gardeners and eager first-timers—folks from every walk of life unite to celebrate this energetic rite of spring and their shared love of tomatoes.

In this practical and fun guide, Tomatomania! owner Scott Daigre provides a peek into his Ojai, California, tomato patch and details a “reality gardening” approach to growing the world’s favorite summer treat. Tomatomania! walks readers through every step of the tomato gardening process, from the earliest planning stages to those final satisfying kitchen table moments of the season.

Including 20 simple yet unique recipes and numerous kitchen tips to get the most out of your tomato harvest, this comprehensive guide to growing and cooking with tomatoes will turn you, too, into a proud ’maniac!

“We hope you’ll love this new book and celebrate all the ways you can enjoy this summer’s bumper crop”

Scott Daigre